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FinTech innovations create a paradigm shift and blockchain technology currently forms the basis of this shift. We offer you the opportunity to become part of this and ready you for a digital future.

  • Experts from the field (Deloitte, European Central Bank, ING, DNB, Binance, and more)
  • Flexible learning: two days of deepdive lectures per week, in combination with online video lessons
  • Opportunity to expand your network through various events with (inter)national guest speakers (inhouse & outhouse events)
  • Acquire the tools to become a blockchain professional in a short period of time!

Do you want to learn everything about Blockchain Technology and her socio-economic consequences? Then the Minors ‘Introduction to Blockchain (15 ECT)’ and ‘Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies Business, Law & IT (30 ECT)’ at The Hague University are just what you need!

These Minors, with an average student rating of 9.9, are designed together with experts from the field and various companies. You can therefore immediately put your new knowledge into practice by solving a specific blockchain-related issue of an organization. The theory lessons are provided by experts from the professional field and researchers from The Hague University.

Last minor 150+ students applied and we’re hoping to welcome even more students this year. One quick side note: we are giving every student the opportunity to get individual guidance during the whole minor.

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The Minor also offers you the opportunity to expand your network through various events with (inter)national guest speakers (in-house & outhouse events!). Moreover, the previous excelling students quickly found graduation assignments or part-time jobs within the world of Blockchain.

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We’ll have a wide range of specialist from the field.

Some entrepreneurs, some working for Banks and some who have a history related to the government, FinTech and even specialists related to the Universal Basic Income movement. We’ll host exciting lectures by exciting professionals and organize a range of meetups at exciting locations. Communication goes via Slack (1000+ members), making it very easy to connect to your peers and other individuals from our network.

Last but not least, this minor will use the KOIOS infrastructure (Initiated by The Hague University,, meaning that lessons will be available online and the physical lectures will be used for deep dives into what you have learned online.

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KOIOS enables you to pick flexible routes, assignments, levels and makes education way more personal and social for you! For more general information, visit

For all your questions feel free to have a chat

Or mail to:

Registration 15 ECTS minor (KOM)

Registration 30 ECTS minor (KOM)

Registration Osiris

15ECTS #HYF Introduction to Blockchain


30ECTS #HYF: Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies Business, Law & IT


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